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Expert Medical Opinion

One of the very difficult hurdles in getting justice in medical negligence cases is obtaining expert medical testimony. However that is changing. Thanks to a very few set of brave doctors.

We want to build a critical mass of such doctors that over time it is no longer offensive to speak the truth and explain what the standard of care should have been.

If you are a doctor and willing to provide expert medical testimony to help hapless victims of medical negligence, please email us at info.pbtindia@gmail.com.

Dr. Ravikumar Bhaskaran
Trivandrum, Kerala
Mobile : 93493-12325
Landline : 0471-2727659
Email : bhaskaran.ravikumar@gmail.com

Dr. Devadass P.K
Bangalore, Karnataka
Mobile : 93437-67714
Mobile : 76763-57797
Email : devadasspk23@gmail.com

Dr. Kunal Saha
Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS)
Ohio, USA
Mobile : 001-614-893-6772
Email :  anku1@earthlink.net

Dr. Dipak Ranjan Das
Cardiologist & Critical Care Consultant
Cuttack, Orissa
Mobile : 94371-65904
Email :  maildrdipak@hotmail.com

Dr. Samir Rai
Amritsar, Punjab
Mobile : 98141-52929
Email : rai.hospital@gmail.com

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