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Doctors Can Refuse Treating Emergency Patients Even If Patient’s Relatives Use “Abusive” Language: NMC Proposes New Law

The Ethics and Medical Registration Board (EMRB) of the National Medical Commission (NMC) has brought a new proposal that may provide legal rights to doctors refuse treatment even from a seriously ill patient brought to the Emergency room if any of the accompanying worried person from the patient-party show any “abusive” behavior toward the medicos. There is no legal definition for “abusive”. The Merriam-Webster English dictionary has defined “abusive” as “using harsh, insulting language”. In order to keep our healers on a different sphere of modern civilization under pressure from the power medical lobby and Indian Medical Association (IMA), NMC has come up with this absurd and draconian new law that may result in death of a critically ill patient whose life-saving may be refused by the doctor even if a worried and mentally upset family member in the patient party uses any unpalatable language against the attending doctor on the spur of the moment. PBT has sent an urgent representation to the EMRB president demanding that such shocking and anti-patient new law must be withdrawn forthwith or PBT will move the appropriate court of law to save defenseless patients’ lives (see the Deccan Herald report below).

Deccan Herald (May 31, 2022) NMC-Ethics

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