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Elected For 5-year, Same Doctor-members Still Running West Bengal Medical Council After 9 Years Without Holding Election: Calcutta HC Adjourns PIL and Issues Warning to Medical Council to Appear in Court New Week

The last election in West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) was held in 2013 and that too, only after PBT brought a PIL as no election was held after the 5-year period as per law. The 5-year term of the members who were elected in 2013 expired in 2018 but the same members are still running all important functions of WBMC till today. PBT brought another PIL in 2018 for this deliberate and long delay in holding election but when the matter came before Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya in Calcutta HC today (April 18, 2022), WBMC advocates were absent. Justice Bhattacharyya adjourned the hearing for 1 week with a direct warning to WBMC that if they fail to appear in court next week, an order may be passed in their absence (see the Cal HC Order below). Dr. Kunal Saha, PBT president, appeared in person and argued the matter on behalf of PBT.

Cal HC Order (April 18, 2022) WBMC Election PIL

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