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PBT Celebrates 21st Anniversary, Demands Speedy Justice for COVID Victims and Fast-track Court for All Victims of “Medical Negligence”

PBT celebrated it’s 21st anniversary on Thursday (December 30) with a public seminar in Kolkata where PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, along with many victims of medical negligence including COVID victims were present. PBT also filed a memorandum to the prime minister urging him to step forward and take necessary measures so that cases of the COVID victims are taken up separately by the consumer court for timely and speedy delivery of justice. Many COVID victims’ families were present in this program and echoed PBT’s appeal to the prime minister that investigation and justice for their loved ones must be done now and expeditiously. PBT president also called the political leaders and government to root out the widespread corruption in the healthcare delivery system and judiciary to save the lives of the ordinary citizens of India (click the link below to see the PBT program and views of PBT program).

Click: https://fb.watch/aefqjfZ_EV/

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