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COVID-negative on May 19, Dead from COVID on May 22 – Shocking Incidence of Negligence and Medical Corruption in West Bengal

Families of numerous COVID-19 victims have come to PBT seeking justice after their loved ones were whisked inside the hospital in the name of COVID isolation therapy only to learn that the patient died and their bodies cremated by the governmental authority. This has been the story all over India since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic more than one year ago. This week, another such COVID-19 living victim came to PBT after his wife died from alleged COVID-19 pneumonia at a government hospital (Walsh Hospital) in Serampore, near Kolkata. PBT received copy of the death certificate issued by the Walsh Hospital clearly stating that the 59-year old female was admitted on 19th May, 2021 and died from COVID-19 pneumonia on 22nd May, 2021. However, victim’s husband also produced a RT-PCR test report from a private diagnostic laboratory for COVID-19 done on the same day (May 19) before patient’s admission in the Walsh Hospital that clearly stated that the patient was COVID-negative. RT-PCR is the most sensitive test to detect the present of COVID-19 virus in a patient. It is medical impossible for a patient to be COVID-negative one day and dying from COVID only 3 days later. Was the RT-PCR test report bogus or did Walsh Hospital committed gross negligence to declare that the patient died from COVID-19? State authorities must answer and the culprits must be brought to justice immediately.

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