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Public Trust on Doctors in Post-COVID World – Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic Disasters in USA and India: PBT President Presents Before European Medical Society

Dr. Kunal Saha, president of People for Better Treatment (PBT), was an invited Keynote Speaker before the European Society of Medicine (ESMED) General Assembly conference held in Berlin, Germany last week where he presented the reasons for the gross failure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by the Indian authority including Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the long-drawn fight by PBT to bring justice to the countless victims of medical negligence who died from COVID-19 from mismanagement and lack of basic medical care including insufficient supply of oxygen. Dr. Saha also criticized the widespread misinformation and disinformation propagated by USA (during Donald Trump presidency) and Indian governments that have politicized COVID medical management and done a great service to undermine public trust on the healthcare professionals. A full research article was also published last week in Medical Research Archives (from ESMED) written by Dr. Saha on this and other pertinent aspects of public health and doctor-patient relationship. The full article may be seen at the link: https://esmed.org/MRA/mra/article/view/2509/193545913 (copy attached below).

Euro. Soc. Med. (ESMED) Article (Aug, 2021) Med. Res. Archives

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