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Observe “Rogi Divas” (Patients’ Day) On May 28 In Demand Of Justice For All Victims Of Medical Negligence

“Rogi Divas” (“Patients’ Day”) will be observed, like previous years, to commemorate the death of all victims of medical negligence including the death of Anuradha Saha (who died on May 28, 1998 due to gross medical negligence by several top Kolkata doctors) and to empower the Indian patients and their families who have been suffering and paying heavy price, sometime with their lives, to the hitherto “untouchable” and enormously influential doctors and hospitals. Each year on May 28, PBT hold public rallies to celebrate “Rogi Divas” but due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, no public meetings will be held this year. PBT requests all victims of malpractice and conscientious citizens of India to commemorate the loss of innocent lives due to reckless practice of medicine by a part of the devious doctors and greedy commercial hospitals and to come forward and raise voices against medical negligence and healthcare corruption by joining hands with PBT. Contact PBT head office in Kolkata at 9831983670 or 8240209992 for more information.

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