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Doctor Found Guilty For “Dog Dialysis” In Premier Government Hospital Is Chosen For Top Position To Combat COVID-19 By Mamata Banerjee’s Government: PBT Appeals To The Governor

Dr. Pradip Kumar Mitra, retired director of Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education & Research (IPGMER) and SSKM Hospital, premier state-run super-speciality medical center in Kolkata, was recalled this week and posted as the chief “Coordinator” for the Management and Containment of COVID-19 Pandemic (MCCP) by West Bengal government. Dr. Mitra has a grossly tainted background as he was directly involved in hatching a dangerous plan, along with two other highly influential doctors, Trinomool MLA and W.B. Medical Council president Dr. Nirmal Maji and Dr. Rajendra Pandey, to perform a pet dog’s dialysis using the dialysis machine at SSKM hospital in 2015. Although this horrific “dog dialysis” eventually did not materialize as the secret plan was leaked at the last moment resulting in huge public uproar and media frenzy, the reckless idea to perform a dog’s dialysis using the machine used by numerous human patients everyday underscored the outrageously unethical mindset of the the three doctors including Dr. Mitra.

PBT raised strong protest and lodged a formal appeal with the Medical Council of India (MCI) seeking disciplinary action and cancellation of medical registration of the three accused doctors. After a long and arduous investigation, MCI passed a final order last year holding all three doctors guilty for hatching the plan of dog-dialysis at SSKM Hospital and deemed their act as strongly “condemnable”. However, considering that the actual dialysis of the dog did not happen, MCI issued a warning against the three doctors including Dr. Mitra (see MCI Order below).

We are shocked to see that the same Dr. Mitra who has shown absolutely no moral character who did not hesitate to indulge into reckless medical act putting the lives of the innocent patients at serious peril by planning a dog’s dialysis at the SSKM Hospital, now chosen to the top post to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in West Bengal. Two other highly tainted doctors, Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee who is well known for his reckless and negligent act causing death of Anuradha Saha as held by the Supreme Court of India and an American doctor, Dr. Thomas Frieden who was arrested by New York police and pleaded guilty for sexual assault in 2018, were also included in Mamata Banerjee’s so-called “Global Advisory Committee” to regulate COVID-19 for Bengal residents. PBT has filed a formal appeal today with the West Bengal Governor to step in and take immediate measures for removal of the tainted doctors from the powerful committees in charge of controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

MCI Order (Oct, 2019) Dog dialysis

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