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IMA Calls For Another Nation-wide Doctors’ Strike To Protest NMC Bill While “Contempt” Case For Last Month’s “Doctors’ Strike” Pending In Supreme Court

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called nation-wide “doctors’ strike” on Wednesday (July 31, 2019) in protest of the proposed National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill even as a “Contempt” case against the IMA leaders for calling another “strike” last month is pending before the Apex Court. PBT recently filed the “Contempt” against IMA after the medical association called a nation-wide doctors’ strike on June 17, 2019 in support of Kolkata doctors’ protest against alleged mob violence.

In 2012, PBT filed a PIL in the Supreme Court (W.P. No. 253/2012) against the IMA after several patients died following a “doctors’ strike” that disrupted hospital services in Delhi and across India. In a landmark judgment dated 11th November, 2014, a three-judge bench of the Apex Court held that strike by doctors “may amount to negligence warranting action for misconduct“. Supreme Court also held that doctors should not go on a strike for any reason. Five years later, IMA has continued to ignore the Apex Court’s direction by joining strike to settle their score against the government taking the defenseless patients at ransom. While the proposed NMC Bill may have serious flaws, PBT strongly denounces the “doctors’ strike” tomorrow because it is wrong, both legally and morally.

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