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Indian Medical Association (IMA) Glorify and Cozy-Up with Disgraced Ex-MCI President Dr. Ketan Desai: How Long Rest of the “Good” Doctors Will Remain Silent?

Anyone browsing through the IMA website today will come across on their home page (www.ima-india.org) an enormous picture of the newly elected IMA president and Trinomul-congress Rajya Sabha member, Dr. Santanu Sen standing close next to a smiling ex-MCI president and biggest medical mafia in Indian medicine (as dubbed by India Today), Dr. Ketan Desai (see the pic below). Ketan Desai, perhaps the most well-known name in Indian medicine (for all the wrong reasons) was first removed from his post of MCI president in 2001 by Delhi High Court that held MCI as a “den of corruption”.

Although Desai managed to recapture the post of MCI president again in 2009 using influence through his medical cronies and political connection, he was caught red-handed by CBI through a sting operation while taking bribe from a private medical college in 2010. After spending almost 7 months in jail, Desai was eventually released on bail and recently, criminal charges against him were dropped by CBI on a purely technical ground for lack of “sanction” (under section 197 CrPC). So, Desai became a free man last year without ever facing trial to decide his case on merit. PBT is planning to take possible legal action against CBI and Desai for this colossal failure in the justice delivery system.

Nevertheless, it is shocking to find Ketan Desai back again at the helm of Indian medicine as the newly elected IMA president is shamelessly and openly patronizing the most disgraced medical leader in Indian medical history as evident from the overt glorification of Ketan Desai on the IMA home page. It may not be too surprising to find our devious medical leaders bending backwards to promote the corrupt MCI ex-president, but what about the other almost ten lakhs ordinary Indian doctors many of whom may still maintain honest characters. How long these “good” Indian doctors can afford to remain silent against this atrocious attempt by IMA to glorify and reestablish a corrupt medical man like Ketan Desai?

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