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Lawyers Threaten PBT President Inside Consumer Court For Helping Victims of Medical Negligence: Complaint Lodged With Police

In a shocking and unbelievable development, a large group of advocates harassed PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha and threatened him with dire consequences if he does not stop from arguing cases on behalf of victims of medical negligence. Ever since Dr. Saha personally argued and won a historic verdict and highest-ever compensation from Supreme Court for the wrongful death of his wife, Anuradha Saha, he has been appearing before the National, State and District consumer forums coming all the way from his permanent residence in USA to argue cases on behalf of many alleged victims of medical negligence. Dr. Saha came to India last week and appeared before the W.B. State Consumer Forum today to argue for a victim, Abhijit Banik, whose young wife died from alleged medical negligence following delivery of a child.

For some reasons, the bench presided by state forum president, Justice Mr. Ishan Chandra Das, refused to allow Dr. Saha to argue on behalf of the victim. Even more shockingly, a large group of lawyers also started to shout against Dr. Saha and PBT. They chased Dr. Saha out of the courtroom and threatened him with dire consequence and other abusive languages. Finally, police escorted Dr. Saha from the court premise. Later, a formal complaint was lodged with the local police station seeking a thorough investigation and appropriate action against the rowdy lawyers who were involved in this deplorable incidence. Law clearly provides that non-advocate and/or NGO can plead cases on behalf of the victims. In 2012, PBT moved a contempt petition against National Consumer Forum (NCDRC) for not framing necessary rules to allow non-advocates to argue on behalf of ordinary people including victims of medical negligence after Apex Court gave specific direction in this regard. PBT will move the higher courts against today’s decision by the W.B. Consumer Forum not to allow Dr. Saha to argue medical negligence cases.

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