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Calcutta High Court Demands Rs. 10 Lakh Advanced Deposit Before Hearing Of PIL To Decide “Maintainability”: Shocking Signal To All NGOs Fighting For Social Justice

In an unprecedented and shocking blow to all registered humanitarian organizations (NGOs) that are working to help ordinary people of India find social justice through public interest litigations (PILs), Calcutta High Court (HC) passed an unprecedented order directing PBT to make a hefty advance deposit of Rs. 10 lakh even before hearing to decide whether a PIL is “maintainable” or not. PBT recently moved a PIL (W.P. No. 197/2018) seeking direction for exhumation and postmortem of a 6-month old baby-girl after the unfortunate and poor parents came to PBT seeking help to find justice as they alleged lack of care and gross medical negligence responsible for death of their child at a private hospital (HLG Hospital) in Asansol. The hapless parents also lodged a police complaint soon after death of their child but police remained non-responsive as no postmortem was performed to ascertain the exact cause of death.

Victim’s family came to PBT more than two months after death of their baby-girl and PBT approached Calcutta HC through this PIL, with supporting opinion from forensic medical expert, seeking court’s permission to exhume the body to perform postmortem to find the cause of death as also wanted by the hapless parents. Postmortem often sheds light on the exact cause of death of a patient that in turn may prove useful to establish medical negligence. But division bench of chief justice Mr. Jyotirmay Bhattacharya and Mr. Arijit Banerjee of Calcutta HC has directed PBT to make an advance deposit of whopping amount of Rs. 10 lakh for hearing after two weeks to decide whether the PIL is “maintainable”. The HC has further said that the entire money would be forfeited if the court finally decides that the PIL is not maintainable or frivolous. This unprecedented order by a high court obviously sends a chilling signal to all NGOs for filing PILs seeking social justice in future. PBT will challenge this seemingly shocking order in the Supreme Court for the ends of justice.

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