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PBT Sends Contempt Notice To Police For Remaining Silent After Court Ordered To Initiate Criminal Investigation Against Deregistered Doctor And Apollo Clinic In Kolkata

PBT sent a legal notice today to the Bidhan Nagar (North) police station demanding immediate registration of FIR to initiate criminal investigation against one Dr. Barun Chakraborty, a gynecologist and Apollo Clinic in Kolkata where Dr. Chakraborty continued treating patients even after his medical registration was suspended by the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC). Suspension of medical registration by medical council for alleged medical negligence or ethical violation is an extremely rare incidence in India. But even on these rare occasions, nobody, except the guilty doctor and council members, are aware about doctor’s loss of license to see patients. Although clear law exists that medical council must highly publicize in the local press whenever a doctor’s registration is suspended, it never happens in reality as the suspended doctor continue seeing patients unperturbed.

After we came to known about this incidence where Dr. Chakraborty merrily continued his medical practice at well-known Apollo Clinic, PBT lodged a written complaint with the local police station. But the officer-in-charge at Bidhan Nagar (North) police station showed no interest to investigate or register an FIR in brazen violation of the procedures stipulated under the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in India. PBT then moved the criminal court that passed an order on 5th May, 2018 directing the police to register PBT’s complaint as an FIR and initiate criminal investigation against the accused doctor and Apollo Clinic. More than one month have passed, Bidhan Nagar (North) police still remains absolutely reluctant to act against the accused Dr. Chakraborty and Apollo Clinic. Repeated attempts by PBT by telephone calls and text messages to obtain information in this matter also received no response from the police as they defy even order from the court in the most contemptuous manner. PBT has submitted a notice today to the police OC/IC and unless police starts the criminal investigation against Dr. Chakraborty and Apollo Clinic soon, PBT may move the court again for deliberate police inaction. Ironically, this case has been highly publicized by the media in Kolkata but WBMC has also remained absolutely silent and did not take any measure against the fact that Dr. Chakraborty and Apollo Clinic brazenly ignored their order of suspension of medical registration.

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