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Rs. 100 Crore Compensation Suit Filed By PBT President Against West Bengal Law Department: Money To Be Donated For Social Improvement And Battle Against Medical Negligence

An unprecedented civil suit was filed last week by PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, in Calcutta High Court demanding Rs. 100 crore compensation from the West Bengal government for failure to take any steps against the defamatory statements made by then Justice G.C. De who, while dismissing Anuradha Saha wrongful death case and acquitting all accused doctors in 2004, made blatantly slanderous and false claim that Anuradha died due to “interference” and wrong treatment by her husband. In 2009, Supreme Court not only held all accused doctors responsible for Anuradha’s death but also severely criticized Justice De for making “irresponsible accusations” against Dr. Saha.

After moving a “criminal defamation” case against retired Justice De in 2011, Calcutta High Court directed that the proper “authority”, not any private citizen, may take action for wrongful act against any judge. Dr. Saha then approach the West Bengal Legal Authority (Legal Rememberencer) for taking appropriate action in this matter in view of the Calcutta High Court and Apex Court’s observations but despite repeated pleas, Bengal Law department remained absolutely silent. Thus, this new civil suit seeking compensation of Rs. 100 crore was filed by Dr. Saha against the state government for causing mental trauma and defamation. However, Dr. Saha has given a written undertaking in the same petition that if and when Dr. Saha wins, he will not take a single rupee from this award and the entire money will be donated for public awareness against judicial impropriety and to help victims of medical negligence in India (see news in Statesman below).

Statesman (Dec. 24, 2017)

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