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PBT To File New Lawsuit Against Ongoing MCI Corruption Shielding Criminally-indicted Ketan Desai And His Cronies

The most notorious medical man in India, Dr. Ketan Desai, was caught red-handed by CBI in April, 2010 allegedly for taking huge bribe from a private medical college in exchange of granting permission to admit MBBS students. Soon thereafter, MCI was dissolved by then Congress government under mounting public pressure and a Board of Governors (BOG) was established to run country’s medical education and healthcare delivery system. The BOG summarily suspended Dr. Desai’s medical registration for indefinite period after PBT lodged a formal complaint for professional misconduct. More than 7 years later, Dr. Desai is roaming free on bail as the CBI case against is dragging in Patiala Court and MCI is reluctant to disclose the present status of his medical registration as Desai’s cronies who are occupying top positions in the Indian Medical Association (IMA) are promoting and glorifying Dr. Desai through baseless propaganda and paid advertisements in national newspapers. Even investigation by the Central Vigillence Officer (CVO) found several top MCI/IMA leaders lying before the World Medical Association (WMA) only to promote Dr. Desai. But repeated appeals by PBT to the present BJP-led government to take appropriate action have fallen into deaf ears as MCI refused to take any measures against Desai cronies. PBT is now planning to move a new writ petition against these atrocities in Indian healthcare and medical education system.

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