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As Criminal Trial For Bribery And Corruption Delays For More Than 7 Years, Disgraced Ex-MCI President, Dr. Ketan Desai, Lectures For Eradication Of Rabies As President Of World Medical Association (WMA)

Dr. Ketan Desai, then president of MCI, was caught red-handed by CBI in April, 2010 for taking a bribe of multi-crore rupees from a private medical college in Punjab and he spent next almost seven months in jail before being released on bail. Soon thereafter, Desai’s medical license was suspended for indefinite period by the newly formed Board of Governors (BOG) in MCI after PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, lodged a complaint against Desai for unethical conduct. But more than 7 years later, while still roaming free on bail, Desai regained the position of WMA president with sinister support from his medical cronies who are occupying top posts in the IMA and MCI as the criminal trial against him in CBI court in Patiala House in Delhi is delayed on one ground or another. Ironically, playing the role of a honest and unscathed medical man and head of WMA, Desai along with World Veterinary Association (WVA) issued a joint statement this week calling for Rabies control in the world. This unbelievable saga involving the most corrupt and criminally indicted doctor (Ketan Desai) continues making a total mockery of Indian medical education and healthcare delivery system as the government remains as a silent spectator and IMA/MCI doctor-leaders also continue their relentless attempts to further glorify Dr. Ketan Desai.

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