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PBT Holds Public Rally In Demand Of Speedy Justice And Action Against Corruption In Medical Council

Scores of victims of alleged medical negligence gathered in front of RSV Hospital, a prominent city hospital in Tollygaunge, Kolkata yesterday under PBT’s banner and demanded speedy justice in all pending complaints of against doctors/hospitals. Heart-rending stories of gross medical negligence and death of near and dear ones were narrated by many victim’s friends and families. People raised demand for timely justice in cases involving alleged “medical negligence” in consumer courts through a separate fast-track court. Many victims expressed their dismay with the functioning of the state medical council that has been riddled with wide-spread corruption primarily working to shield the errant doctors without any care for the hapless victims of medical negligence. PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, was also present at this public rally and demanded that corrupt medical council members must be held accountable and replaced by honest doctors if there is any hope to restore public trust on our healers (see rally picture below with Dr. Saha).

PBT Rally Kolkata (July 27, 2017)

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