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“Patients’ Day” (Rogi Divas) On 28th May: A Day To Celebrate Patients’ Rights And To Demand Speedy Medical Justice For All Victims of “Medical Negligence”

PBT calls all conscientious citizens and victims of “medical negligence” across India to observe Rogi Divas (Patients’ Day) on Sunday (May 28). Patients’ Day is to spread better awareness about medical and legal rights of all patients and to establish a timely justice delivery system for all victims of alleged “medical negligence”. While MCI Code of Medical Ethics and Regulations and Consumer Protection Act (CPA) have provided legal as well as medical regulatory power for protection of the defenseless patients from careless or negligent treatment by doctors and hospitals, it is a common knowledge today that medical councils, that are in charge of taking disciplinary action against errant doctors, primarily function to shield their delinquent medical colleagues without any concern for the hapless patients. Even the Consumer Courts in India have failed to deliver timely justice as cases against the wealthy and influential doctors/hospitals languish in the court for years and decades.

To celebrate Rogi Divas, PBT will hold an open public seminar at 4 pm on Sunday (May 28) at Calcutta Press Club (near Maidan, Kolkata) where all conscientious citizens and victims of “medical negligence” are invited to attend and raise their voices demanding medical justice for all. You can contact 9831983670 or 9143650171 for more information about this public seminar.

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