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India’s Topmost Negligent And Unethical Doctor Chosen To Decide Complaints Against Doctors In West Bengal’s New Health Law

Riding on a populist message against medical negligence and unethical practice by private doctors and hospitals, Mamata Banerjee recently rushed a new healthcare Bill through the assembly (W.B. Clinical Establishments Registration, Regulation and Transparency Act, 2017) to entrap public sympathy, she disclosed today the names of members of the supremely powerful “Commission” that, as per these new provisions, will decide allegations by all aggrieved patients. Shockingly, Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, convicted by the Supreme Court for his unethical behavior and gross medical negligence causing death of Anuradha Saha, has been chosen by Mamata Banerjee as a senior medical member of the “Commission”. In fact, in Anuradha Saha case, Apex Court has not only held Dr. Mukherjee as the most “reckless” physician, it has also severely criticized him for his unethical conduct and dubbed his conduct as “unbecoming of a doctor“. Although it is no secret that Banerjee government has been staunching backing Dr. Mukherjee to rebuild his badly tarnished public image for many years (Dr. Mukherjee was also chosen as the “chief adviser” for the Bengal health department in 2012 against which a PIL is presently pending before the Apex Court),it is truly startling to find that the state government would go this far to select the biggest “negligent” physician to investigate complaints of medical negligence. This brazen selection by Mamata Banerjee also undermines sanctity of the Supreme Court and violates Article 144 of Indian Constitution that has mandated that all authorities, civil and judicial, must always act in aid of the Supreme Court. PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha has submitted an urgent memorandum with Bengal chief minister today urging her to immediately remove Dr. Mukherjee from this Commission. Dr. Saha has also said that if Banerjee government remains silent, he will take this matter to the court for ends of justice. It is a shame that the self-proclaimed government of Ma, Mati and Manush (mother, land and humans) is truly hoodwinking the ordinary people (manush) with bogus hope for justice against medical neglgience.

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