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World Body Reports Rampant Corruption With AIDS Control, Malaria Control and Child Health Projects In India

In a scathing article published this month on different healthcare scandals across the globe, the Washington, DC-based “Center for Global Development” has reported wide-spread corruption with major government healthcare projects in India (see full report below). While the report has underscored scandals and stealing of millions of dollars from important healthcare projects by unscrupulous medical personnel and government officials in different countries, the 61-page article has specifically reviewed the pitiful medical situation in India (see page 14-20 in the report). The World Body has reported that huge amount of money provided by the World Bank was looted by the corrupt officials involved with the HIV/AIDS projects regulated by the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) as well as the Malaria Control and Child Health projects in India. The report has highlighted that how connivance between the high-rank government officials and debauched private healthcare professionals has ripped off enormous amount of money from the benevolent medical projects in India. Defining as “serious indicators of fraud and corruption”, this report by a reputed international body has cited the specific example of serious complaints raised by PBT president and US-based HIV/AIDS specialist, Dr. Kunal Saha, who investigated allegations of fraud with HIV test kits in India as a member of the World Bank investigation team (see page 14-15). PBT has long been fighting against healthcare corruption in India through public interest litigations (PILs) and awareness programs across India.

Review (Health Corruption) Washington DC June, 2016 (HIV-Saha)

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