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Parliamentary Standing Committee Recommends Inclusion of “Non-doctor” Members in MCI To Stop Medical Negligence and Healthcare Corruption

In a 126-page long investigative report presented before the Rajya Sabha this week, multi-party Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare (PSCHF) has found wide-spread corruption inside the Medical Council of India (MCI) and State Medical Councils (SMCs) that has crippled the entire medical education and healthcare delivery system in India. The scathing PSCHF report has made several recommendations to improve the present healthcare situation. The Committee has strongly recommended that there is an urgent need for inclusion of “non-doctor” members from the society to be part of the MCI and SMCs. The Committee has found that doctor-only medical council members have shown biased attitude and failed to take necessary disciplinary action against their errant medical colleagues.

The Committee has also underscored that medical councils in most developed countries including UK, Australia and USA have significant number of members from the non-doctor members of the society to assure that medical councils must fact in an honest and transparent manner. PBT has long been fighting for inclusion of non-doctor members in the medical council. In view of the PSCHF report, PBT president has sent an urgent memorandum to the health ministry today urging them to take immediate steps to reconstitute the medical councils with “non-doctor” members failing which PBT will bring this to the appropriate legal forum for the ends of justice (see PBT’s memorandum below).

Let to Health Ministry (March, 2016)

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