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Patients Suffer As Doctors In Delhi Join “Strike” In Violation Of SC Order: PBT Lodges Complaint With Delhi Health Minister For Immediate Action

Large number of doctors under Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) have joined a strike to settle their personal scores with the government bringing endless pain and suffering for countless patients, mostly with poor socio-economic condition as they are unable to attend pricy private hospitals. Doctors have demanded for regular salary and other benefits from the government. While PBT has no qualm with legitimate demands from the government by members of the medical fraternity, doctors should not hold defenseless patients ransom by disrupting hospital services through doctors’ strike.

PBT moved the Apex Court against “doctors’ strike” through a PIL in 2006 (SC W.P. No. 316/2006). The Apex Court agreed with the view that strike by doctors is of great public importance and while disposing the PIL in 2012, Supreme Court directed that for any doctors’ strike in the future, Health Ministry should be approached for taking appropriate disciplinary action against the striking doctors and in case the Health Ministry does not respond, Apex Court has also given “liberty” to approach the court of law. The Delhi Medical Council also issued an Order in 2010 (after PBT lodged a complaint against doctors’ strike at Safdarjung Hospital) categorically holding that doctors have no right to join strike as it also violates the provisions of MCI Code of Ethics & Regulations, 2002.

PBT has lodged a formal complaint, as directed by the Supreme Court, with the Delhi Govt. Health Minister, Mr. Satyendar Jain, asking him to take immediate action against the striking doctors to bring an end to the endless miseries for the hapless patients. If there is no response from the Delhi Health Minister within a period of 10 days, PBT will take necessary legal action as suggested by the Apex Court (see PBT’s complaint below).

Let to Delhi Health Minister (Feb 1, 2016) Doc strike

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