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PBT Fights Against “Quacks”: Criminal Case Lodged Against Fake Doctor

While numerous patients are falling victims to medical negligence at the hands of qualified medical practitioners everyday, countless other patients are paying a heavy toll at the hands of unregistered and untrained “quacks” across India. Quackery is a menace especially for the poor and uninformed patients in the rural areas. There is absolutely no accountability for the thousands of unqualified “quacks” who are bringing endless pain and suffering for the innocent patients through unscientific and often dangerous treatment. In order to send a strong signal to all the unscrupulous “quacks”, PBT lodged a criminal complaint against one Mr. Subhendhu Mallick, a self-claimed “surgeon” who has a thriving medical practice in Serampore, about 15 km from Kolkata (see news below). Practicing medicine without proper medical education and a valid registration from the medical council is a criminal offense but neither the local IMA nor the state government showed any interest to go after the reckless “quacks”. Most shockingly, the quack, Mr. Mallick, was hired by major nursing homes owned by bona fide doctors. Despite PBT president directly urging the Superintendent of Police of the concerned area, Mr. P. Tripathi, to arrest the “quack” and deliver speedy justice to protect the innocent citizens, police has not yet arrested the “quack”. It is reported that the accused “quack” has connection with the local leaders of the ruling Trinomool party. PBT will move the higher court if the Serampore police remains idle and allow Mr. Mallick to practice medicine.

Statesman (Dec 11, 2015)

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