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RTI Response From MCI Exposes Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Blatant Lies To Protect Dr. Ketan Desai

IMA and its top leaders have been pushing to promote corrupt ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai,in the recent years. While Dr. Desai is still waiting for criminal trial for his alleged bribery and corruption back in 2010 (when he was caught red-handed for taking bribe from a private medical college), IMA leaders recently made a blatantly false representation before the World Medical Association (WMA) that all charges against Dr. Desai have been dropped by the Indian authority in order to make Desai WMA president-elect. A PIL filed by PBT challenging the dubious selection of Dr. Desai to become WMA president is presently pending before the Delhi High Court. Even the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) found senior IMA and MCI member, Dr. Ajay Kumar, guilty for professional conduct for helping Dr. Desai to become WMA president-elect and recommended MCI to take disciplinary action against Dr. Kumar and two other MCI members (Dr. Vinay Aggarwal and Dr. Sudipto Roy) although MCI has remained in a deep slumber.

Another brazen brazen attempt by the IMA to save Dr. Desai was exposed last week when in response to an RTI application, PBT was informed by the MCI that the case filed by PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, against Dr. Desai is still pending before the MCI Ethics Committee. Following Dr. Desai’s arrest by the CBI for alleged bribery and corruption, Dr. Saha lodged a formal complaint with the MCI seeking exemplary disciplinary action against him. The MCI Board of Governors (BOG) suspended Dr. Desai’s license to practice for an “indefinite” period pending full investigation vide an order dated 9th October, 2010. Recently, IMA and its general-secretary Dr. K.K. Aggarwal started to make a claim that Dr. Desai’s license has been restored since MCI “revoked” its earlier decision in December, 2013 and dismissed the complaint lodged by Dr. Saha.

The RTI response from MCI, received last week by PBT, has categorically admitted that the complaint lodged by Dr. Saha is still pending before the Ethics Committee. Obviously, under this situation, Dr. Desai’s license to practice medicine is still suspended or it would be improper and illegal for Dr. Desai (or anyone else on behalf of him)to represent himself as a bona fide doctor. How a doctor whose license remains suspended by the MCI can lead world medical body (WMA)? Why IMA leaders are repeatedly lying and distorting truth only to shield Dr. Ketan Desai, the biggest medical mafia in Indian medicine?

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