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World Medical Association (WMA) Takes The Side Of Disgraced Ex-MCI President Ketan Desai: Is “Medical Corruption” Going Global?

In what appears to be one of the most controversial decisions to take a step backward in the fight against “medical corruption”, World Medical Association (WMA), largest international medical group has defended selection of Dr. Ketan Desai, perhaps the most notorious physician and biggest medical mafia, to become the next WMA president. This shocking news was delivered during the WMA meeting in Moscow this week.

After spending almost 7 months in jail, Dr. Desai is presently free on bail facing criminal trial in Delhi for his role in the well-know case of bribery and corruption since he was caught red-handed by the CBI in 2010 for taking huge bribe allegedly in exchange of granting MCI recognition to a private medical college while he was still the sitting MCI president. Desai’s license to practice medicine and his right to be a member of any medical council/group were also suspended for indefinite period by MCI in 2010 after PBT lodged a formal complaint for professional misconduct against Dr. Desai. MCI’s decision to suspend Dr. Desai’s medical registration still remains operative since no further order has been passed by the MCI overturning the previous order of 2010. This deplorable situation in Indian medicine made a huge public uproar in India and across the world.

Even more shockingly, although Dr. Desai was nominated as WMA president-elect in 2009 but following his arrest by the CBI and suspension of his license, WMA cancelled Desai’s inauguration to become WMA president after MCI urged the world medical body that a doctor who is found prima facie guilty for corruption and professional misconduct should not be made president of WMA. Although Desai’s overall situation has remained the same as he still awaits start of the criminal trial, WMA has taken a complete U-turn and found no problem to reinstate Dr. Desai to be their next president. So, the most corrupt and unethical doctor from India who is without a license to practice medicine and facing criminal trial for bribery will be the president of WMA whose primary goal is to spread ethical practice of medicine across the globe. PBT is still fighting to stop Dr. Desai to become the WMA president and to bring an end to this colossal global medical atrocity that would undoubtedly send a demoralizing message to the ordinary people and honest doctors around the world.

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