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Dr. Ketan Desai Makes Astonishing Claim That “Racism”, “Western Lobby” And “Bias Against Non-Whites” Are Preventing Him From Becoming World Medical Association (WMA) President

In an interview given to Times of India (TOI), disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, has made a shocking claim that “Racism”, “Western lobby” and “bias against non-Whites” are working to stop him from being the coveted post of the World Medical Association (WMA) president (see Dr. Desai’s interview below). Without providing a single name of any Western individual/group, except the president of PBT Dr. Kunal Saha, and without citing a single reason as to why any “Western lobby” would attempt to prevent him from becoming WMA president, Dr. Desai has made a desperate attempt to generate sympathy through baseless assertion of “racism” and “bias” by the West.

In this interview, Dr. Desai has also claimed that during the CBI raid of his house on 22nd April, 2010 (following his arrest by the CBI), only Rs. 53,640/- (fifty-three thousand six hundred forty rupees) was recovered from his house to suggest that he had very little wealth. But this is in sharp contrast to the reality which is clearly recorded in the Order dated 5th October, 2010 passed by the CBI Court (while granting bail to Dr. Desai). According to the said Order by the court, CBI actually recovered from Dr. Desai’s house during the raid on 22nd April, 2010 to the tune of Rs. 24,16,92,472/- (twenty-four crore sixteen lakh ninety-two thousand four hundred and seventy rupees) .

A new PIL was filed recently by PBT against Dr. Desai’s unlawful and immoral appointment as the WMA president as well as the ongoing corruption inside the MCI. This PIL was heard last week by the Delhi High Court and the court has reserved Order for November 2, 2015. Ironically, in his interview with TOI, Dr. Desai has also admitted that the main CBI case against him for bribery is still pending in Delhi CBI Court although the proceedings are currently stayed by the Supreme Court. Thus, it is now an admitted position by Dr. Desai himself that all criminal charges against him have not been dropped by the Indian authority as was claimed by senior leaders from Indian Medical Association (IMA) before the world medical body as the IMA demanded that Dr. Desai should be reinstated as WMA president. Unfortunately, based on this fraudulent claim by the IMA leaders, WMA has already decided to reinstate Dr. Desai as the president-elect for 2016. Apart from moving the court through PIL, PBT has also sent an urgent appeal to the WMA for removing Dr. Desai from the post of WMA president-elect as this would send a very wrong signal to the ordinary people and all honest members of the medical community.

TOI (Oct 11, 2015) Desai interview