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Anuradha Saha Case Hearing Delayed Again At NCDRC

The Supreme Court passed a historic judgment in Anuradha Saha wrongful death case on August 7, 2009. The Apex Court found 4 top doctors and AMRI Hospital in Kolkata (where ex-chief minister Mr. Jyoti Basu is being treated now) guilty for causing Anuradha’s death from medical negligence and directed the National Consumers’ Forum (NCDRC) to decide the quantum of compensation (claim stands at Rs. 78 crore plus interest from 1998) within 6 months.

Four well-known economic and legal experts from USA have already filed affidavits in support of the quantum for this claim. Unfortunately, the case is being lingered at the NCDRC by the advocates of the guilty doctors/hospital on one ground or another. The case came up for hearing on Jan 15, 2010 (for the fourth time) before the NCDRC but was postponed again to Jan. 25, 2010 (apparently because AMRI counsel wanted more time for his argument). Dr. Kunal Saha, Anuradha’s husband, who argued the matter in person before the Supreme Court is eagerly waiting in USA for the final argument to determine the quantum of compensation, which would be spent for promotion of better healthcare and poor children of India, as he has already given sworn affidavit.

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