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PBT Intervenes in CBI bribery case against Dr. Ketan Desai: Demands immediate removal of Desai from the MCI

PBT has moved to intervene the CBI case against MCI president Dr. Ketan Desai. Dr. Desai was arrested last month by the CBI while taking Rs. 2 crores bribes allegedly to grant recognition of Gian Sagar Medical College, a private medical college in Patiala.

PBT intervenes in the CBI case against Dr. Desai and opposed his bail application to ensure that the hitherto the supreme ruler of Indian medicine, Desai, cannot tamper the investigation using his enormous influence, both inside and outside of MCI. After Delhi High Court convicted Desai for corruption and abuse of power in 2001, he got away from justice using influence over everyone including the CBI.

PBT wants that justice is not thwarted again this time and as such, moved the CBI court to intervene (click here). Both Dr. Desai and CBI objected strongly against PBT’s intervention. While Dr. Desai of course, would not like PBT’s intervention, one has to wonder why the CBI would also protest against PBT’s efforts to assist the court to deliver justice.

Unfortunately, the CBI court has dismissed PBT’s intervention application on the ground of locus standi in the most arbitrary manner. PBT is now challenging the CBI court’s order before the Delhi High Court (click here to read PBT’s petition). PBT has also lodged a formal complaint to the Gujarat Medical Council for immediate cancellation of Dr. Desai’s medical license under the prevailing rule of the MCI (click here to read)

PBT has further urged the Prime Minister and Health Minister for immediate intervention in this sordid episode and to remove Dr. Desai from the post of MCI president (click here to read) It is shocking that a man (Dr. Desai) sitting in jail and charged with serious allegations of bribery and corruption, is still the highest authority of Indian medicine (as the MCI president).

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