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  1. Paritosh

    I want to raise a complain against AMRI Bhubaneswar. Can you help me or its only for Kolkata based hospitals ?

    Please advise.



  3. Kaberi Kirttani

    The Officer In Charge,
    Durgapur New Township Police Station,

    Address of the Persons against whom the charges are being leveled: Dr Manish Roy, Psychiatry Deptt. of The Mission Hospital, Durgapur & Mission Hospital, Durgapur.

    Sub:-Wrong treatment & wrong diagnosis resulting death of Shruti Kirttania(17Yrs) on 25.12.20- Request to take action against Dr. Manish Roy of Mission Hospital & Issue the copy of FIR – Reg.

    Respected Sir,
    With profound grief and sorrow I beg to state that my only daughter Shruti Kirttania belongs to Scheduled Caste aged about 17 years was a regular student of Class –XI declared dead by IQ Hospital, Durgapur on 25.12.20. The reason of her death was “Diabetic Ketoacidosis with uncontrolled Diabetis Mellitus, Gastroenteroties Dyselectrolytemia, Hypertension, Sepsis with Septic Shock”. She had admitted in the IQ Hospital,Durgapur on 24.12.20, only after a single day’s treatment her life came to an end without giving chance for further better treatment for multi organ failure due to hyperglycaemia. It is a matter of great shock that this dreaded dieses was never been diagnosed by the errant physician, the same has been revelled only by the investigation made by IQ Hospital that she had been badly suffering from Juvenile Diabetics i.e. Type I Diabetics. She had been under regular treatment of Dr. Manish Roy of The Mission Hospital, Durgapur since 11.10.19(copies of prescriptions enclosed). Dr. Roy was treating her for Psychiatric ailments only; he never felt to advise for regular clinical investigations, how can a qualified physician just depend upon physical observations for a chronic patient like Shruti? I have to lose my teen aged daughter’s life only due to the gross negligence, callousness and negligence of Dr. Roy. Now only after her demise it is came to my knowledge from some of Specialist Doctors in Medicine that the symptom of tearing own hair was also seen in hyperglycaemia/Type I Diabetic patients. The errant Dr. Roy should have equipped with this minimum knowledge and should have advised me properly for my daughter’s treatment. I apprehend about the genuineness of his medical degrees for such ignorance of simple medical knowledge. We could have saved our daughter’s life if her ailments had been properly diagnosed and accordingly followed with proper treatments. I condemn the callousness and ignorance of Dr. Manish Roy and expect punishment for him by the law and cancellation of his registration as a result he will never became ignorant, callous and negligent in his profession which already proved fatal. Hence, it is requested to issue F.I.R

    In this regard May I request your good self for necessary action against that errant Doctor as per law for the ignorance, callousness and negligence by a Doctor in his profession which took the life of my tender-hearted daughter. Hence, it is requested to issue F.I.R copies. For which of your kind act we shall remain ever grateful to you.

    Thanking you and hoping an early and favourable action.
    Yours faithfully,
    Encl.As above.
    Date: 07.01.21.
    Wife of Shri Tapan Kirttania
    Address: B-26.Arveel Park, Durgapur- 6 Mb.7284557260/8436624968/
    e.mail:- 95473 88171

  4. Jayadeep Shetty

    Please help me to get justice.I am the Victim of medical negligence ,Because some doctors negligent behaviour just to earn more money has ruined my life completely , I am going through lot’s of physical and mental pain,I am 27 years old ,now my life become hopeless with my condition and now I am felling like there is no dream to live because of my condition all this caused by doctors irresponsible and negligent behaviour.



    I am a senior citizen (70+) , and live with my wife at Sodepur.
    Blood samples of my wife , Mrs. Alo Talapatra, were taken from home ( MRN 17510000330993) by M/S. PORTEA on 22-12-2020, 30-12-2020 & 17-01-2021 for doing tests from RN Tagore Hospital , Mukundapur , Kolkata.I paid the representative of M/S PORTEA around Rs 20000/ for doing all the tests . The hospital , at my request , sent me the reports by e-mail , but despite several requests by e-mails and phone calls , the hospital authority did not send me the bills for the said sum till now by e-mail.
    In the absence of the bills , reimbursement can not be claimed from the Insurance company .
    I am requesting you to guide me so that I can get the bills at an early date.

  6. Sanjit saha

    Named as Priyasmita Biswas a 7year 4 month old girl died at Institute of child health, park circus, Kolkata on 07.01.2021 for wrong treatment process without recogniseing the actual deases. Please help me how do I legally proceed, I have already made a contact with the PBT office but I couldn’t understand his advice because he was unable to explain properly abot the matter.

  7. Sanjit Saha

    I send 5 letters as superintendent of Insttute of Child Health,N M C(Delhi),WBMC,West Bengal Health&Welfare and PBT India on 24.o3.21 also send 2 letters as Administative Officer, Swastha Bhaban, kol 91 and PBT India. Please guide me regarding priyasmita biswas died on 7.1.21 at Institute of child health Park circus kolkata.4 to 5 antibiotics together given by their doctors, Antibiotics were Zestum 1gm x bd+Clindamycin inj. 1 xbd +glevo inj + Septran_DS 1/3 x bd.

  8. Ipsita Saw

    Respected Sir,
    My husband 37 years old was kidney transplant patient from 15 years. He was admitted to Bellevue clinic kolkata as covid positive on 16th April, 21 and was died on 30th April.
    On 24th April he was covid negative and they shifted him from ICU to general bed.
    Every time doctor said over phone that he was stable and nothing to worry.
    We live at Bolpur in Birbhum district.
    After his death,, after analysis of blood test reports,, he was not at all stable in any time..
    Then why did they shift my patient from ICU to general bed??
    I came to know they they have no ecmo support….
    I want justice for my 7 years girl.

  9. Bhaskar Banerjee

    Today I came to know about this organisation. Recently I have been cheated by a so-called Hospital as well as a corrupt Dr. connected with this hospital. I read the famous case of doctors negligence of Lt. Anuradha Saha. I will send my case to this organization very soon. Hope, I will get proper justice in this case also.

  10. Surya

    Hi Sir,

    This is to inform you, that there are several
    Bad practices creeping in the business of clinics – brought here to your kind attention.

    These are the general practices, I have observed as a citizen first hand, in recent times

    1. hiding from the patients – information about the available treatment-alternatives
    2. Not making available, rate cards for the charges
    3. Not issuing the bills to the customers for the payments received
    4. Not maintaining clean environment & ambiance
    5. Under qualified support staff
    6. No patience to listen to the customer
    7. No standard rate card available to verify
    8. Running the clinic as some veterinary- where the doctor doesn’t need to educate the patients !!
    9. No complying with the Clinical Establishment Act 2019

    Could the NMC help us citizens by issuing Frequent checks on the clinics – so we won’t leave them to operate as they wish !!

    A serious reform needed in this regard.


  11. shekhor bhattacharya

    tToday kunal saha phoned me at 4.30pm.several email send to his email with all papers.state level enquiry recommend from 2019 onwards.yet to take any membership no is 71 in 2001.apex court file PIL five times,without take any action.eradication corruption in purba barddaman health sector for save people life.

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