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Announcing PBT Contacts for Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & New Delhi

Last week, we announced a broad outline of our plan to build out the PBT organization. The main idea is to engage a lot more passionate individuals in our mission to eradicate medical negligence and promote corruption-free healthcare in India.

Today, we are announcing PBT contacts for 4 key states. We hope that this should enable us to reach out to a lot more victims and also create more visible presence for PBT in these states. You can find all their contact information in “Our People” page.

Karnataka – Ms. Roshni Pereira

Roshni is a social and child rights activist based in Bangalore. She has a bachelors in education, Masters in Child Care and MBA in Educational Management. She is very passionate about the cause and have a long history of engaging in social work. See contact details.

Gujarat – Mr. Ravish Bhatt

Ravish is a practicing lawyer in the Gujarat High Court and has greatly helped us with our petitions there against Dr. Ketan Desai. While he is interested in every legal area, his special focus is on patents & intellectual property. Ravish speaks Hindi, Gujarati, German & English. Among other things, he enjoys swimming, painting, reading books & watching movies. See contact details.

Andhra Pradesh – Dr. Srikar Koppula

Dr. Srikar is an accomplished physician and currently serves in the Indian Foreign Service. He was always passionate about social causes and got very interested in the cause of eradicating medical negligence when he lost his wife during deliver in 2001. See contact details.

New Delhi – Mr. Suraj P. Manchanda

Mr. Manchanda is an accomplished banker who has taken VRS with the mission to combat corruption by stimulating general public about their consumer rights. He has filed over 100 RTI applications to help reduce corruption and malpractice. He started fighting for medical negligence when he lost his daughter at Max Hosptial in New Delhi. His tireless efforts have resulted in MCI finding Max Hospital guilty of medical negligence pending determination of quantum of punishment. See contact details.

If you are passionate about our mission and can devote your time in pursuit of it, we would love to have you as a volunteer. Please contact us through our volunteer page.


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