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PBT’s Plan for the Future: Moving Towards an Efficient and Corruption-free Healthcare Delivery System in India

Over the past several years, PBT as an organization has made tremendous strides in fighting corruption and “medical negligence” in India.

We see increasing momentum for our cause but at the same time, the breadth of issues that we need to address is also becoming quite enormous. Society at-large wants to get involved and help with our efforts to promote a better healthcare system. Every week, numerous people express interests to volunteer for this cause which we must now utilize to propel this movement forward.

Therefore, it has become important that we build a better organizational framework that effectively takes the energy, drive and motivation of large groups of people and apply these to tackle our challenges. To this end, we are thinking of implementing a couple of new changes to bring in more active volunteers in different corners of India to transform the broken healthcare delivery system:

1. Introduction of State Chapters: We will build state-teams responsible for taking necessary and appropriate measures to eradicate “medical negligence” and promote corruption-free healthcare in the respective states. A draft of their responsibilities is attached below.

  • Help and Guide Victims of Medical Negligence in their fight for justice. Give them a comforting word, guide them in finding appropriate resources in our website, put them in touch with others who can help, connect victims of similar incidence etc.
  • Help raise the visibility of our organization in the respective state. This include organizing events, building strong relationships with the press & media, being an effective spokesperson etc.
  • Build a strong organization in support of the cause. This includes building a large base of supporters, members, donors and volunteers and actively engage them in our efforts.
  • Take up a few key issues that impact the healthcare system in the state and drive it through RTI and other means to make it better
  • Work with other state teams and the various actions teams in co-ordinating pan-India activities that have a larger impact.
  • Build strong alliances with like minded organizations to co-ordinate joint activities.

2. Introduction of Action Teams: We would develop several action teams that would be responsible for coordinating specific activities of our organization at an all-India basis. Examples of actions teams may include

  • Media Relations Action Team (to deal with public relation and press)
  • PIL & Legal Actions (to deal with appropriate litigations and PILs)
  • Political Action Team (to coordinate with the leaders of healthcare)
  • Fund Raising Action Team (to raise funds for the society)
  • Medical Education Action Team (to deal with healthcare education)

We are very interested in your feedback on the above. Please comment below and let us know what you think.

If you are interested in becoming an Active Member in either the state teams or the various action teams, please email info.pbtindia@gmail.com with your area of interest. We will surely get you engaged in helping the cause. Thank you for your support.



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