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Writ Petition Filed Against Gujarat Medical Council For Shielding Dr. Ketan Desai

PBT has filed a new writ petition in the Gujarat High Court against the Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) for their deliberate attempt to protect Dr. Ketan Desai.  Despite MCI’s categorical direction to suspend Dr. Desai’s medical registration on October 9, 2010, the GMC has refused to take any action against Dr. Desai.  The GMC has claimed that the MCI has no right to act as an appellate authority over the state medical council.  Thus, Dr. Desai’s medical license has never been suspended in reality.  These brazen action by the GMC has been highlighted in this new writ petition that has also sought immediate suspension of Dr. Desai’s registration (see copy of the writ petition below).

PBT has already challenged Dr. Desai’s unopposed election to the Gujarat University Senate last December in the most unscrupulous manner even when his registration was suspended by the MCI.  After Gujarat High Court dismissed PBT’s challenge, the Supreme Court has admitted our appeal and already issued notices to Dr. Desai and Gujarat University.  This case will be heard in the Apex Court on July 8, 2011 while the new writ petition filed in Gujarat High Court will be taken up after the court re-opens following the summer holiday next month (see the news in DNA below).  PBT will continue to fight corrupt Dr. Desai and his medical cronies who have been trying to regain control of Indian healthcare to loot the country and bring endless miseries to the hapless patients of India.

DNA (May 27, 2011)

WP (GMC) May, 2011

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