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Health Ministry Brings All New Members To Run MCI, But Why?

In yet another inexplicable and abrupt move, the Indian health ministry removed all 6 members of the Medical Council of India (MCI) “Board of Governors” (BOG) to be replaced by six new doctors to run the highest regulatory medical body in India just one day before the second year of the Ordinance 2010-2011 was to begin.  The ministry did not provide any explanation as to why they suddenly removed all the members.  Patients, victims of medical negligence and ordinary people are all confused.  While the last BOG headed by Dr. S.K. Sarin did not function in a totally fair and impartial manner, at least they took some important steps to weed out the rampant corruption from the MCI and took some vital disciplinary measures against the errant medicos including summarily suspension of the medical license of corrupt ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai.

Many questions now loom at large – what would happen to the pending decisions taken by the last BOG (including suspension of Dr. Desai)?  Will the members of the present Ethics Committee also be changed?  What would be the fate of the matters like the common entrance test (CET) which is in half-way in the MCI?  Is there any link of any of the newly selected BOG members with Dr. Desai or Desai’s about 100 medical cronies (ex-MCI members) who helped Dr. Desai to regain the post of MCI president in 2009?  Will the new BOG members be acting in a completely transparent and impartial manner?  These important questions must be answered by the government and members of the new BOG for the ordinary people of India.

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