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PBT Condemns “Doctors’ Strike” in West Bengal: Demands Immediate Cancellation of License of the Striking Doctors

Junior doctors at the Burdwan Medical College & Hospital, 100 km from Kolkata, started a “strike” on Wednesday (May 4) demanding extra security crippling the medical services in this major government hospital.  While the “doctors’ strike” was called off on Thursday after assurance from the authority, numerous patients suffered and some patients died from lack of treatment – most of these patients hail from poor class of the society who cannot afford expensive treatment in the private hospitals and nursing homes (see news below). 

 Doctors and others who are involved with emergency services have no right to go on a “strike” holding the society at ransom. “Doctors’ strike” is immoral, illegal and above all, it is against the Medical Council of India (MCI) “Code of Ethics and Regulations”.  We strongly condemn the doctors who joined the “strike” at the Burdwan Medical College & Hospital.  The Supreme Court of India has already issued notice to a PIL filed by the PBT seeking total ban on “doctors’ strike” (W.P. Civil No. 316/2006).  PBT has also filed a formal complaint with the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) seeking immediate suspension/cancellation of the striking doctors at the Burdwan Medical College & Hospital.  Only an exemplary punishment by the medical council can end the frequent “doctors strikes” the ultimate price of which is paid by the hapless patients of India, often with their own lives.    

Ind. Express (May 5, 2011)

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