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PBT Condemns Attack On Bhushans To Undermine Anti-corruption Movement In India

Devious political leaders and backers of the ruling Congress party have seemingly launched a vicious attack against the ex-law minister and senior advocate, Shanti Bhushan and his son attorney Prashant Bhushan, both of whom are also members of the recently established Lokpal panel to fight corruption.   Veteran political leader and Congress supporter, Amar Singh has produced a doctored CD containing  incriminating taped conversation between Shanti Bhushan and a sitting Supreme Court judge (who is to deliver the final verdict in the 2G-scam soon) allegedly involving talks of bribe for a favorable judgment.  Singh has also threatened the Bhushans with lawsuit as Bhushans have also filed a contempt petition against Singh in the Apex Court today.

PBT strongly denounces this brazen attack against two Lokpal panel members because it appears that the charges brought by Singh are with a vested interest to derail the recent public uprising against corrutpion and formation of the Lokpal panel.  Shanti Bhushan has also expressed concerns in a letter today that the Congress party may be playing “dirty tricks” to stop the anti-corruption movement initiated by Anna Hazare.  While PBT is an absolutely apolitical organization to fight corruption in public services no matter which political party forms the government, we call all conscientious citizens to join hands to defeat the evil power of the deep-rooted corruption in India (click the link below to see PBT president’s letter in Mail Today along with the letter from Shanti Bhushan).

Mail-Today-April 20

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