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PBT Lauds Hazare and Expresses Solidarity with Anti-corruption Battle

PBT congratulates Anna Hazare for his successful hunger-strike at Jantar Mantar that paved the way for proper implementation of the Lokpal Bill to fight corruption in India.  Since its inception more than ten years ago, PBT has been dedicated to fight the pervasive corruption in healthcare, judiciary and other areas of government services.  Ironically, PBT president and members launched an indefinite hunger-strike at the very same spot, Jantar Mantar, almost two years ago against failure of the justice delivery system.  During this hunger-strike, two Supreme Court registry employees were arrested in a sting operation by the CBI while taking bribes from PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, showing glaringly the existence of corruption even inside the highest court of the land (see Indian Express news below).  Unfortunately, this case against the Apex Court corruption is still languishing in the CBI court. 

PBT hails the sweeping anti-corruption drive across India and calls all conscientious citizens to join hands to make our motherland a better place to live.  As PBT president expressed gratitude for Hazare from USA today and said, if the ordinary people in countries like Egypt and Tunisia can banish their corrupt dictatorial leaders to bring change and reform their countries, we must throw out all corrupt leaders from our country and build a new India for the sake of our future generations to come (see DNA news below).

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DNA (April 9, 2011)

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