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MCI Shields Errant Medical Colleagues Including Ketan Desai: Denies Justice From the Victims By Simply Delaying Justice

In yet another deliberate move to shield the errant doctors, the MCI Ethics Committee in their meeting on April 5, 2011 once again simply “adjourned” the case against Dr. Ketan Desai showing no apparent reason and continued with the same deplorable stance of “judgment reserved” against the two senior Kolkata doctors (Sukumar Mukherjee and Baidyanath Halder) who have already been found guilty for the wrongful death of Anuradha Saha.  For the past three months, the Ethics Committee has done the exact same thing, i.e. just delayed the process of justice for no apparent reason.  Ironically, MCI informed PBT that these matters were listed for hearing on April 5 and accordingly, an attorney (on behalf of the PBT) waited the whole day in front of the closed doors of the Ethics Committee meeting (chaired by Dr. Arun Bal and co-chaired by Dr. Sangeeta Sharma who has also been appointed as the new MCI Secretary) only to be informed at the end of the day that these matters have been adjourned. 

Appeals by many other justice-seekers from all over India are similarly delayed months after months by the devious members of the Ethics Committee causing endless pain and frustration for these hapless victims of “medical negligence”.  Nobody knows what is happening behind the closed doors as the “minutes” of the Ethics Committee meetings are no longer made available for public on the MCI website.  Even during the reign of corrupt Dr. Ketan Desai, the “minutes” of the Ethics Committee and Executive Committee meetings were regularly put up on the MCI website.  After the arrest of Dr. Ketan Desai last year, ordinary people of India hoped for an honest and transparent MCI that would fight to protect the defenseless patients from the wrath of the reckless doctors.  Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that just like the previous MCI under the control of Ketan Desai and his unscrupulous medical cronies, the new MCI is also functioning only to shield their delinquent medical colleagues without caring for the lives of the innocent patients.

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