Supreme Court Issues Notice Against Ketan Desai’s Election in Gujarat Univ. Senate

In a major development that would have important implications on future of healthcare in India, the Supreme Court division bench of Justices Mr. G.S. Singhvi and Mr. A.K. Ganguly has admitted PBT’s appeal today (March 28, 2011) challenging Gujarat High Court’s dismissal of our PIL last December and issued notices to Dr. Ketan Desai and Gujarat University (GU) as to why Dr. Desai’s “unopposed” election to the GU Senate would not be cancelled (see some of the published news below).  While still president of the Medical Council of India (MCI), Dr. Desai was arrested on April 23, 2010 by the CBI for taking bribes from a private medical college. He is now free on bail but still facing a criminal trial.  On our complaint, the MCI cancelled Dr. Desai’s medical registration on October 9, 2010 but he was elected to the GU Senate anyway in a post which is reserved for registered medical doctors.  Ironically, the Gujarat HC dismissed our PIL on the ground that since PBT president is a non-resident Indian (NRI), he may not have any “public interest” for people living in India.  The Gujarat HC even imposed a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- against PBT seemingly for bringing a frivolous PIL against Dr. Desai.  The direction by the Apex Court today stops Dr. Desai from his sinister attempt of regaining control of the Indian healthcare system. The Apex Court’s ruling also sends a strong signal to all corrupt medicos and backers of Dr. Desai and clearly sends a message against the Gujarat HC discriminatory observation that NRIs cannot have any public interest for people living in India.  Not only the NRIs, even many bona fide foreign citizens are also doing humanitarian work for the people of India.  People like Bill Gates and Bill Clinton are US citizens but still are doing wonderful charitable work for poor people in India.

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