No More Doctors’ Strike “Under Any Circumstances”: Delhi Medical Council

In a histroic order that may have far-reaching consequences on improving the standard of healthcare in India, Delhi Medical Council (DMC) has declared that doctors cannot resort to strike “under any cricumstances”. This historic order was passed by the DMC in response to PBT’s complaint against the doctors at the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi when the medical services in this hospital collapsed after the resident doctors started an indefinite “doctors’ strike” to protest a mob attack on one of their medical colleagues in September, 2010. Countless innocent patients suffered and some patients died without any treatment due to the “strike” by the Safdarjung Hospital doctors. The DMC has also found that “doctors’ strike” violates the Indian Medical Council “Code of Professional Conduct, Etiquette, and Ethics, 2002”.  A doctor may lose his/her medical license for violation of the medical council rules.   The DMC has further transmitted this order to the Directors of Health Services for compliance of these directions by all hospitals.

“Doctors” strike” is illegal, immoral and a crime against the society at large. Unfortunately, physicians in India still frequently resort to “doctors’ strike” in order to settle their scores against the government causing endless miseries and deaths to the hapless patients. The judgment by DMC will go a long way in bringing an end to the “doctors’ strike”. PBT has also filed a separate PIL seeking a total ban on “doctors’ strike” in India. This PIL is still pending in the Supreme Court of India (SC Writ Petition Civil No. 316/2006).

Click here to see the complete DMC Order (Doctors’ Strike)