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PBT Moves SC Against Dr. Ketan Desai and Gujarat University: Senate Election Challenged

PBT has filed today (February 22, 2011) a special leave petition (SLP) challenging the decision by the Gujarat High Court that dismissed PBT’s PIL (seeking to stop Dr. Desai’s unlawful election to the Gujarat University Senate) in the most capricious manner on the ground that since PBT’s president (Dr. Kunal Saha) is a non-resident Indian (NRI), PBT may not have any “public interest” for people living in India. In the SLP filed in the Apex Court today, PBT has also sought an interim relief to set aside the penalty of Rs. 10,000/- that the Gujarat HC imposed against PBT in the most reckless manner. Dr. Desai is already a member of the GU Senate and he and his cronies are now trying to bring him back to control Indian healthcare once again. Even the present MCI “Board of Governors” seems to have lost all interests to stop Dr. Desai. We are confident that justice will prevail in the Supreme Court which will overturn the Gujarat HC order and prevent corrupt Desai and his cronies from sitting at the helm of medical education and practice in India. A full copy of the SLP fied in the SC today can be seen here SLP-SC (FINAL) PBT v. Dr. Ketan Desai (Feb. 22, 2011)

Read the news in DNA (Februrary 25, 2011)

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