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MCI “Just Ignores” Complaints Against the Errant Doctors

In a shocking display of arrogance and hostile attitude towards the hapless victims of malpractice, a member of the Medical Council of India (MCI) Ethics Committee has candidly stated to “just ignore” the concerns expressed by the victims of medical/ethical negligence.  PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, wrote last week against MCI’s handling of the complaints lodged by ordinary citizens that have been delayed extensively including the complaint against the corrupt ex-MCI head, Dr. Ketan Desai, who is still trying to make a return to the MCI.  A letter (via email) in this context was obtained by PBT in which Dr. A.K. Mahapatra, a member of the MCI Ethics Committee, has written to Dr. Arun Bal, chairman of MCI Ethics Committee, and categorically stated just to “ignore” the victims’ concerns showing a deep disdain toward the people who are trying to find justice against the delinquent physicians (see the email below).

PBT has already sent a protest letter to Dr. S.K. Sarin, chairman of MCI “Board of Governors”, to immediately remove Dr. Mahapatra from the Ethics Committee in view of his explicit expression of hostility and insensitivity towards the innocent victims of medical crimes who have come to the MCI seeking justice.  Ironically, Dr. Mahapatra is also the head of Neurosurgery at the AIIMS hospital in Delhi where one of his junior doctors was recently charged with a heinous crime for sexually assaulting an 8-year old child who was recovering from surgery. PBT has already demanded permanent cancellation of the medical registration of this pedophile doctor at AIIMS to which Dr. Mahapatra has shown little concern.  In fact, the MCI Ethics Committee has also remained silent on this issue until now. 

The MCI Ethics Committee with members like Dr. Mahapatra cannot be trusted for a fair and impartial investigation of complaints against doctors.  The new MCI was established last year after disbandment of the previous MCI which was riddled with corruption following arrest of Dr. Ketan Desai.  The MCI must show complete transparency and honesty in their performance in order to restore public trust in healthcare.  Ordinary people and victims of malpractice who have approached the MCI seeking justice against corrupt and/or negligent medicos must receive justice.  They must be informed candidly about handling of their complaints by the MCI members behind closed-doors.  People of India do not need another Desai and corrupt cronies to run the MCI.
Email to Dr. Bal from Dr. Mahapatra (Feb. 12, 2011)

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