PBT Demands Immediate Suspension of License of Child Molestor Doctor at AIIMS

A doctor at the well-known AIIMS hospital in Delhi has been suspended by the hospital for sexual assault on a 8-year old child who had undergone surgery at the hospital. But the hospital authority and health ministry have not even disclosed the name of this child predator doctor. Suspension from his hospital job may do little to protect other innocent children from this monster because the doctor can simply move to a different part of India and start practicing medicine to prey on other innocent patients. In US and other developed countries, the names of doctors facing charges for misconduct are displayed on their website. Even the Delhi Medical Council put the names of accused doctors on their website. Why AIIMS is secretive about this alleged pedophile doctor? PBT has sent a memorandum to the MCI for immediate suspension of medical registration of this doctor so that he may be stopped from causing more danger to the innocent children while the long and often endless investigation continues by the hospital and medical council. See the copy of PBT’s complaint to the MCI here Letter to MCI (Feb. 2, 2011)

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