License Suspension by MCI a Farce: Gujarat Medical Council Takes No Action and Closes All Cases against Dr. Ketan Desai

In a shocking display of mockery of the medical justice delivery system, the Gujarat Medical Council (GMC) has decided to close all investigations against Dr. Ketan Desai and acquitted him from all charges in a letter received by PBT yesterday (see GMC letter below). The Medical Council of India (MCI) had directed the GMC to summarily suspend Desai’s license on October 9, 2010 in response to an appeal filed by the PBT. In fact, investigation of PBT’s complaint against Desai is still ongoing with regular hearings at the MCI. (Read the news below).  PBT recently urged the MCI to stop B.C. Roy Award until Desai is removed from the “life member” of the B.C. Roy Award Committee (read DNA news on this DNA (Jan. 31, 2011) B.C. Roy Award-Desai

The GMC letter shows that Desai’s medical registration was never actually suspended.  All Indians were made fools when MCI released major news last October that they have suspended license of Dr. Ketan Desai. Even more incredible, while MCI investigation is still ongoing, the GMC has also made it clear that they would not cancel Desai’s license even in the future. PBT has sent a memorandum to the chairman of MCI “Board of Governors”, Dr. S.K. Sarin, drawing his urgent attention to this travesty of justice and utter failure of the MCI (see PBT’s letter below). We hope that the MCI will stand up against this sheer atrocity by the GMC which is trying hard to bring back corrupt Ketan Desai and his cronies to the helm of Indian healthcare for the third time. Gujarat Medical Council’s letter to acquit Dr. Ketan DesaiPBT’s Letter to MCI (Jan 29, 2011)

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