Why MCI is Not Interested Any Longer To Punish Ketan Desai and Negligent Doctors Responsible for Anuradha Saha’s Death?

More than 3 months since the Medical Council of India (MCI) temporarily suspended medical registration of Dr. Ketan Desai following a complaint filed by the PBT, the top healthcare regulatory body seems to have lost interest to bring true justice to Desai. The MCI is also seemingly reluctant to punish the two top Kolkata doctors (Sukumar Mukherjee and Baidyanath Halder) who were responsible for the wrongful death of Anuradha Saha (PBT was established as a result of the unfortunate death of Anuradha Saha). The MCI Ethics Committee did not even consider these two highly important matters that have great public interests during their latest monthly meeting held on Tuesday (Jan. 11, 2011). We wonder why?

As reported by PBT, on August 3, 2010, the Ethics Committee unanimously decided that Dr. Mukherjee and Dr. Halder were guilty for “professional misconduct” and gave the two errant doctors only 15 days time before deciding the “quantum of punishment”. Almost 6 months later, MCI has shown little interest for any punishment for these two doctors. Similarly, since summarily suspending Dr. Desai’s license on October 9, 2010, the MCI has taken a back seat as Desai is trying to make a return to become the supreme medical leader in India. Ironically, the MCI is also trying to hide their activities for the public as they have now stopped providing any information about the closed-door Ethics Committee meetings online, that were routinely provided even during the era of rampant corruption in the MCI under the leadership of Ketan Desai. It is learned that Dr. Arun Bal, chairman of the Ethics Committee, was on leave and did not even attend the Ethics Committee meeting on Tuesday. When Dr. S.K. Sarin took over as the head of MCI Board of Governors on May 15, 2010 following the arrest of Dr. Ketan Desai and disbandment of the previous MCI, he promised honesty and total transparency in the MCI. Does dealings behind closed-doors and not providing any information for the public at large are signs of more transparency in the MCI? Have the leaders of the present MCI also decided to back-track and pave the way for a smoother return of the tainted Ketan Desai?