Gujarat HC Judgment in Ketan Desai Case: PBT to Move Appeal before the Supreme Court

The chief justice of Gujarat High Court, Mr. S.J. Mukhopadhaya, has just published the judgment dismissing PBT’s PIL against the election of Dr. Ketan Desai to the Gujart University Senate (read judgment here Gujrat HC Judgment (WP PIL 15-2010).  The HC dismissed the PIL because PBT’s president, Dr. Kunal Saha, is a non-resident Indian (NRI).  The HC has concluded that Dr. Saha cannot be concerned about “public interest of the Indians” since he resides in the USA despite the fact that it was PBT, not Dr. Saha, which is a registered Indian humanitarian society filed the PIL.  Even the Supreme Court has granted many PILs moved by the PBT for protection of pubic interest in India.  While the PBT president lives in the USA, rest of the PBT governing body and most PBT members are residents and citizens of India.  The NRIs like Dr. Saha should not be attacked for their patriotic work in India.  NRIs have contributed in many ways for progress of their motherland.  In contrast, corrupt and immoral Indian citizens like Dr. Ketan Desai do not care for “public interest” of India as they have continued to plunder India without caring for the ordinary people.  PBT will challenge this capricious judgment in the Apex Court to stop Dr. Ketan Desai regaining control of the healthcare system in India. We urge all conscientious citizens, Indians and NRIs, to join us in this historic battle to cleanse the rampant corruption that has plauged Indian medical system.