PBT To Meet WB Governor On Dec. 30: A Historic Rally To Dissmiss West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC)

A historic public rally will be held on 30th December, 2010 (Thursday) at 2 PM at the “Metro Channel” (across Metro Cinema) in Kolkata on the occasion of the 9th Anniversary of the “People for Better Treatment” (PBT). The main theme for this public rally will be a call for immediate disbandment of the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) and other state medical councils that were formed through botched up elections. A delegation from PBT will be meeting with the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal at 4 PM after the rally.  The WBMC is riddled with corruption by a small number of ruling-party backed doctors just like the now dissolved Medical Council of India (MCI) which was run by tainted Ketan Desai and his corrupt cronies including members of the present WBMC like Dr. P.K. Sur. The WBMC president, senior physician Dr. Ashok Chowdhury, has been the president for more than 12 years just like the disgraced MCI president, Ketan Desai.

PBT will expose the grounds of corruption present in the WBMC at this public rally in Kolkata. A new WBMC must be established through a fair and transparent election where all honest and registered doctors of West Bengal have an equal opportunity to run for the office. The WBMC must work for the people to eradicate “medical negligence”. It should not be a platform to promote the agenda of a failed government or to shield the negligent physicians behind closed doors. We invite all supporters of PBT and conscientious citizens to join us in this rally on Thursday to send a strong message to all the corrupt medical authorities in India. Contact 9038083120 or 9433385520 or 9836706952 or 9831570653 for further information.