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Strong Anti-NRI Views Expressed in Ketan Desai Case: Call To The “Overseas Indian Affairs” Minister To Intervene

The Gujarat High Court has dismissed the PIL filed by PBT challenging the dubious election of tainted ex-president of MCI, Dr. Ketan Desai, to the Gujarat University (GU) Senate. The HC has also imposed a cost of Rs. 10,000 against PBT for filing a PIL without any “public interest”.  More shockingly, the HC has dismissed the PIL with scathing comments against the non-resident Indian (NRI) status of PBT’s president Dr. Kunal Saha. While Dr. Saha is based in the USA, PBT was established as a registered NGO as per law in India with the sole purpose for promotion of better healthcare and prevention of medical negligence in India. Over the past almost ten years, PBT has helped numerous victims of medical negligence.  PBT has also brought major changes in the Medical Council Act (e.g. establishment Section 8.7 and 8.8 in MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations”) through historic PIL in the Supreme Court. Another PIL filed by the PBT seeking a complete ban on “Doctors’ strike” is still pending at this moment in the Apex Court (W.P. Civil No. 316.2006; PBT vs. MCI & Ors.). It is very unfortunate that instead of looking into the merits of the PIL and the issues involved with Dr. Desai’s “unopposed” election to the GU Senate, the HC decided to lash out against PBT’s president and even threatend to impose penalty in dollars only because he lives in the USA.  Ironically, it was PBT, and not Dr. Saha, which is the Petitioner in this PIL.

Despite living in different countries across the globe, numerous NRIs have made significant contribution to the progress of their motherland.  Several NRIs have won Nobel Prize and made India proud.  Many NRIs like Dr. Saha are still contributing to build a better India which should not be undermined by a narrow-minded anti-NRI view. PBT has called Mr. V. Ravi, the Minister of “Overseas Indian Affairs” to protest these anti-NRI views.  PBT has also urged the Minister to bring this important issue for open discussion during the upcoming “Pravasi Bharatiya Divas” celebration in India.  PBT is also preparing to move the Supreme Court against the dismissal of our PIL by the Gujarat High Court.  PBT’s Appeal to Overseas Indian Affairs Ministry