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Nirmal Maji, W.B. Medical Council President And Powerful Trinomool Minister Skips Court To Face Criminal Charges Due To “Knee Problems”

Dr. Nirmal Maji, a powerful minister in Mamata Banerjee government and sitting president of West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) did not appear before the Special Court (for MLAs/MPs) in Barasat, Kolkata to face criminal charges in two separate cases as his lawyers claimed that Dr. Maji was too ill with “knee problems”. The two cases against Dr. Maji were filed in 2018 by PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, for alleged money laundering (under IPC section 409) and criminal defamation (IPC section 500/501). Dr. Maji has already surrendered in both cases as he remains free on bail. The first case emerged from Dr. Maji’s role in hatching a shocking plan to dialysis of a pet dog at the state’s premier tertiary care center, SSKM Hospital in Kolkata while the second case emerged after it was found out that Dr. Maji was using funds from state medical council to cover expenses related to his personal litigations. The Special Court has adjourned both cases to 21st March, 2020.

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