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Why Indian Medicos Still Backing a Criminally-indicted, De-registered and well-known Corrupt doctor Ketan Desai?

Despite repeated appeals to the Vice-chancellor, Chief Minister and Governor of Gujarat to stop Ketan Desai from assuming a post in the University Senate, they have remained absoutely silent. Even more shocking, many doctors and medical associations in Gujarat have taken the side of Ketan Desai, a criminally indicted and perhaps the most corrupt doctor in Indian medical history whose registration has already been revoked by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for “professional misconduct”. Do people with “dirty hands” must always try to shield one of their own who is caught in a rare sting-operation?  The rampant corruption in our healthcare must end for the sake of the hapless patients of India. PBT still hopes that the Gujarat Government will rise up to the occassion and do the right thing to remove Desai from the University Senate but if they don’t, we will bring this deplorable incidence before the court of law for the ends of justice. Medical fraternity backing Desai (DNA; Nov. 27, 2010)MCI writes to stop Desai (DNA, Nov. 25, 2010); Docs backing Desai (Indian Express, Nov. 28, 2010)

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