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HTimes (Oct 15, 2017)

HTimes (Oct 15, 2017)

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  • T Jacob John October 16, 2017, 10:27 pm

    Agree with all observations. But not with the suggested remedy of rectifying MCI, by itself. Over decades the governments have not only turned a Nelson’s eye on corruption in medical colleges and medical practice, but also indirectly or directly encouraged and even institutionalized it. Having entered this chakravyuha, who will deliver us? Every nation has designed its own health management system — no two countries have identical systems. India has not designed a health mangement system for various reasons, during our 70 years of independence. Failure is partly by default but also by design. If the government wants to design a health management system in which guaranteed access, quality, non-profiteering cost-management, and distributive/social justice are guiding principles, it can be done. But who wants such a design? Read through the election manifesto of every major political party and you will see human health is not given any importance. If the government has political will to design India-specific health management system, I shall volunteer to guide the process. This needs no rocket science — but needs patriotism, humanity and courage of conviction.

  • ravikumar bhaskaran menon October 17, 2017, 9:34 pm

    Lack of speedy justice by the state in criminal negligence and by consumer forums in the consumer complaints is the reason for patient’s bystanders to take law into their hands. Example is the crime no: 57/2009 Kollam Crime branch which has reached argument level in the Sessions Court V Kollam 1675/11 and consumer case no: 88/13 and 101/13 in front of the appellate state forum. The district forum awarded 15 lakhs on 24/12/2012. The death of a completely normal 24 years/2004 lady was on 14/12/2004.

  • Pradeep Arora October 29, 2017, 11:21 am

    It is a pity that while analyzing occurrence of a crime , the doctors who are victims of this reprehensible attacks on their person and establishments are sought to be blamed . If in face of a crime a person ratifies the act , he is manifestly abetting this crime. Devil’s advocates need not play chord of holier than thou. It is like justifying thieving because the thief was in dire need of stolen money. I roundly condemn this unreasonable attitude which is virtual provocation to unruly elements to target indian doctors .

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